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What’s Hiding in Your Carpets? Ways to Deep Clean Carpet

What’s Hiding in Your Carpets? Ways to Deep Clean Carpet

There are so many things hiding in your carpets, and being invisible to the naked eye, these things aren’t cleaned anywhere near as often as they should be.

You would be horrified to know exactly what resides in the depths of your carpets, what you walk across, lay or sit on every day. Once you know, it is hard to not get into a thorough cleaning routine to remove anything you can.

As professional carpet cleaners we have experience in carpet deep cleaning and know how to remove any of the nasty things that can be found in your carpets, we want to shed light on what these things are, and how to deep clean your carpets.

So, What is Hiding in Your Carpets?

The list seems endless; realistically, anything could be in your carpets, it’s just the things that you can’t see that will scare you the most.


Fleas and bed bugs can be some of the more harmful bugs, biting you and your pets, causing irritation. Dust mites are another bug that are harmless themselves, but their microscopic waste can cause a whole load of respiratory problems.


Your shoes track in a range of bacteria, particularly E.Coli and bacteria from the pneumonia family. If these germs & bacteria aren’t promptly cleaned, then there are no doubt bacteria colonies will be growing in your carpets right under your nose.


Seasonal allergens can enter through your windows and settle on the carpets, they can also be brought in on your shoes, and for those with allergies, this can be a complete disaster. Pet hair is another allergen that is regularly found in carpets, although this is a little more visible and easier to clean up.

Chemical Traces

If you have just had a new carpet fitted in your home, chances are, there are chemical traces still on the fibres from where they were treated. As with most things on this list, chemical traces can be picked up on your shoes and left on your carpets.

Mud and Dirt

Once more, your shoes track in a lot of things, the most obvious one being mud and dirt, this is pretty obvious to see when it is on carpet. However, traces can be left, and if it is wet, can leave a horrible damp smell.

What are The Best Ways to Deep Clean Carpet?

When it comes to deep cleaning carpet, we recommend using the right equipment and substances, like a steamer, however, not everyone has access to this, so we want to offer our best homemade tips to get your carpet looking (and smelling) fresh again.

With Baking Soda

Baking soda works miracles, if you spread a generous amount across your entire carpet and leave it to rest overnight, when you hoover it off in the morning, it will look and smell fresh.

Carpet Shampoos

Nowadays, there is a wide range of carpet shampoos that you can select from without the need for a machine. Depending on the product, you will have to follow the specific instructions it offers, often this will consist of having a brush to scrub, and some warm water, then as you may have guessed, start scrubbing with the shampoo.

Although it takes a lot of time to scrub away and get the carpet looking as good as new, the result makes it worth it!

If All Else Fails, Call The Professional Carpet Deep Cleaners

Sometimes the stain is too stubborn, or you just don’t quite get that professionally cleaned feel, that’s when you know it’s time to call in the dirt busters.

Rainbow International have over 30 years’ of experience with carpet deep cleaning, and can guarantee that we can remove all of those nasty things from your carpets and have them looking fresh in no time.

We have over 60 branches across the UK, head to our branch finder to see if there is one near to your location.

If you are interested in our carpet deep cleaning services, feel free to get in contact with one of our specialist cleaners today to see how we can breathe new life into your carpet.

Published: 16 Oct 2020