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Professional Tips On How To Clean Modern Hard Floors In Your Home

Professional Tips On How To Clean Modern Hard Floors In Your Home

As people around the country are cottoning on to the fact that sometimes, super soft carpets aren’t the easiest of floor types to keep clean, the range of hard flooring available to home owners is increasing.

Knowing how to clean modern hard floors in your home can boost hygiene levels̵, essential if you have little people crawling about, pets, or are living with someone who is immunocompromised. But, cleaning hard floors correctly can also help them look great for longer. So, here’s how to make the most of your hard floor investment.

Asphalt tile

Economic and resilient, asphalt tiles can be a popular choice in public areas and pathways where there’s a high volume of traffic.

Mop weekly using 1 cup of fabric softener in half a bucket of water. Don’t soak the floor, as too much water could loosen the adhesive and grout, causing the tile to lift. You should be able to remove any marks using a fine-grade steel wool and liquid floor wax, then wipe over with a damp cloth.

Ceramic flooring

Made from clay, ceramic tiles are a popular hard flooring choice when a more decorative result is needed. Once glazed, ceramic is virtually stain proof; however if left unglazed, ceramic is porous and will need to be sealed.

If your ceramic is unglazed, steer clear of harsh abrasives, acids or strong soaps. Mop with an all-purpose cleaner, and dry with a soft cloth.

Concrete floors

Concrete floors are often found in garages, but they are porous, stain easily and generate dust. If your garage floor has already had a run in with oil or grease, you can use cat litter to soak up any remnants.

To stop concrete floors from staining, they need to be sealed with a commercial sealer. To do this, sweep up loose dirt and give it a scrub with an all-purpose cleaner, working from the back of the garage to the front. Then, get the hose out to wash away all of the soap. Once it’s dried, it’ll be ready to seal.

Flagstone flooring and slate tile

To protect and clean hard flooring made from natural stone, you should seal it with a commercial sealer. Apply a couple of thin coats of acrylic floor finish with a lamb’s wool pad or apply paste with a floor polishing machine. From time to time, you’ll need to strip, rinse and reapply wax.

For regular cleaning, use a mop with either clear water, all-purpose cleaner or water with fabric softener.

Linoleum flooring

Lino needs to be waxed every 4-6 months. Before you set about waxing your lino, vacuum and mop it, and remove any stubborn marks with a fine grade steel wool. Avoid using solvent-based products, harsh scourers, flooding the area or using very hot water as these will play havoc with the finish on your linoleum hard floor.

If you’re short on time, choose a one-step cleaner or polish.

Marble tile

Marble as a modern hard floor looks spectacular, but to keep it in good nick, it needs to be looked after. Non-polished marble is very porous, so will need regular sealing with a commercial sealer. Run a mop over it soaked in a diluted multi-purpose cleaner. Alternatively, you can use 230ml of fabric softener to 2.3 litres of water and use as a self-polishing liquid wax.

Occasionally you may need to strip the tiles, rinse them and reapply wax. It doesn’t matter whether you use a water-based wax or a paste wax, however if you do choose a paste wax, test it in a discrete corner of the room to ensure it won’t discolour the marble.

Wood floor

Wooden floors can give a fabulous feeling of space, but they need cleaning to keep them looking lustrous. Vac the floor, ideally with a brush extension to avoid scratching. Then mop the floor, either with a wood cleaner, or with a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid diluted in a bucket of water (not too much though as it could leave a sticky residue).

You can buff out any scuffs with a sock or a clean tennis ball. However, once the floor starts to look scuffed, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Of course, our cleaning specialists know about how to clean modern hard floors in your home, so sometimes calling in the professionals can save you time and money and deliver a much better result.

Rainbow International is one of the UK’s leading experts in hard floor cleaning. And, as we have more than 60 branches across the UK, it’s likely that there’s Rainbow International branch within just 23 miles of your postcode.

Call us now on 01623 422488.

Published: 06 Apr 2019