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From Hard Floors To Hidden Pipes: 5 Ways Our Homes Are Changing

From Hard Floors To Hidden Pipes: 5 Ways Our Homes Are Changing

The homes that we live in are changing. From the type of homes and the materials used, right down to what we put in our homes and how we make them ours. This is something Rainbow’s hard floor cleaning teams, carpet and upholstery cleaning teams and even fire and flood restoration teams have all noticed in recent years.

Many of these changes are evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, so we often don’t give a thought to what this means for how we live or how we care for our homes.

1)      Over the years, our hard floor cleaning team have seen an increase in the number of homes with hard flooring downstairs. Not only are hard floors hard-wearing, they are also easier to keep clean which is essential these days as allergies continue to rise.

2)      Our island is running out of space. That means that houses are being built on brown belt land, and sometimes even green belt land. These areas have traditionally offered essential drainage to the local area, but covered in tarmac, when the heavy rain comes, home and business owners can find themselves in need of flood restoration services, even when their building or land hasn’t flooded previously.

3)      Social media, Instagram and Pinterest mean that we are a lot more conscious these days about keeping up with the Joneses. Not only are we more likely to pop to Ikea than to renovate a grandparent’s coffee table, there’s also a greater focus on hiding pipes and cables away in walls and under floorboards, wherever possible. This definitely looks good, but it can make repairing a leak tricky. As a result, leak detection can involve substantial upheaval as floor boards are taken up and  walls channelled out. Our leak detection service, however, uses various technologies to identify the leak quickly without the need to take to the wall with a chisel.

4)      As a nation, we’re enjoying the luxury of convenience offered by technology. Smartphones and apps mean we can turn the washing machine on remotely or control the heating when we’re out and about. Sounds convenient, but our flood restoration service is seeing how these applications can pose a challenge when things go wrong. Homeowners aren’t always home to spot malfunctions quickly enough, which means a potential increase in the damaged caused.

5)      The nation’s tendency to dispose of items rather than renovate them can make it harder to clean the upholstery in our homes. It used to be much more common to be able to remove sofa cushion covers to wash or update them, whereas today, these covers can’t be washed, making it harder to remove stains and grime build-up from your household furniture. Instead of slinging cushion covers in the sink for a hand wash, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services like ours are increasingly becoming the default answer for grubby sofas.

With just one call to Rainbow, you can arrange flood or fire restoration services, hard floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning to get your home looking its best. With our 24-hour emergency helpline, you can be confident that we’re here to help when you need it. And, as we have more than 60 branches across the UK, it’s likely that there’s a Rainbow International branch within just 23 miles of your postcode.

Call us now on 01623 422488.

Published: 30 Jun 2019