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Some of Rainbow’s more curious or challenging clean-up operations

Some of Rainbow’s more curious or challenging clean-up operations

One of the best things about working for Rainbow is the wide range of clean-up operations we deliver for clients of all sizes and in all kinds of industries.

The fact that so many insurance companies trust us to help their clients at the moment they need it most, means we get to play an important part in some really unusual clean-up operations. Here are four of our favourites with links to case studies where you can find more.

A Right Royal Restoration

Following a flood at Blenheim Palace, Rainbow International’s flood damage restoration services were called upon, to address extensive damage to several of the properties that make up one of England’s largest houses. This included the residence of the Duchess of Marlborough and many of the service and tourist quarters. The flooding affected the gift room, garden centre and some other estate properties.

Rainbow International dried out the premises, but the clean-up operations weren’t entirely straightforward, with the drying out process needing to be kept within keeping with the building’s maturity.

Torrential Rain Flooded Oxford Utd

When torrential rainfall flooded 51 rooms over 3 floors of the Oxford United FC Stadium, Rainbow International’s flood remediation teams worked through the night, clearing debris, cleaning carpets, sanitising the area and installing driers to minimise the time the 51 rooms were out of action.

Adding the lustre to the latest theme park addition at Alton Towers

When Alton Towers contractors were unable to carry out a sparkle clean on time to get their newest ride, Sub-Terra, up and running in time for the big launch, Rainbow International was called to deliver the requisite lustre with their clean-up operations. However, when the build overran, completing only hours before its opening, Rainbow had to pull out all the stops to deliver a sparkle clean in just 180 minutes!

Cleaning up after repeat flooding at a Berkshire luxury hotel

The Compleat Angler sits beside the Thames in Marlow in a pretty little spot. However, when the Thames burst its bank, flooding the hotel which is part of the MacDonald luxury hotel chain, The Compleat Angler had only hours to get the kitchen hygienically clean to provide breakfast for its guests.

Rainbow’s flood restoration team worked through the night on clean-up operations to ensure that the kitchen wasn’t out of action for a single mealtime. However, disaster struck once more when, just 2 days later, the river burst its banks again. This time, much of Marlow was underwater and containment and management was much more difficult. Rainbow provided an ongoing daily service to ensure the hotel remained clean and dried out as quickly as possible to enable it to remain open to guests.

If you find yourself in need of any of our services – whether you need a sparkle clean at short notice, or our fire, flood or mould remediation services, contact us on our 24-hour helping on 01624 422 488. With 70 branches across the UK, on average we have a branch just 23 miles from any postcode, so we’re likely to have a branch near you.

Published: 28 Oct 2019