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What is Post Tenancy & Void Property Exit Cleaning and Why it is Important

What is Post Tenancy & Void Property Exit Cleaning and Why it is Important

Post Tenancy cleans are necessary, whether you are a landlord preparing for a new tenant, or the tenant moving out of the property. In this blog, we want to explain what exactly void property exit cleaning is, what it consists of, who needs it, and why it is important. Read on to learn about post tenancy cleaning.

What is Post Tenancy & Void Property Cleaning?

Void property exit cleaning is just deep cleaning for apartments or houses that had tenants that are moving out, preparing the property for new tenants to enter. This can range from a quick clean, to a very thorough clean to remove any grime, or damage caused by the previous tenants.

What is Included in Property Exit Cleans?

Anything you can think of really, the property would be cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom until it is completely spotless and ready for the next tenant. To give a better idea of what exactly is involved in post tenancy cleans, here is a quick list:

Why is Post Tenancy Cleaning Important?

If you are a landlord, you want to make sure your property always looks its best, especially when trying to encourage a new tenant to move in, after all, first impressions are everything.

Should You Attempt it Yourself? Or Hire Professionals?

Cleaning a property once tenants vacate can be time-consuming, and with each tenant being different, it’s hard to know what you are letting yourself in for if you take on your own void & exit cleans. Of course, if you have any more than a couple of properties, taking on your own void & exit cleans may not even be an option.

Using a professional cleaning company for your void & exit cleans can deliver better results, faster, so you can get your property back on the letting market once again and get new tenants in place to avoid unnecessary voids and a loss of income from your rental property.


Rainbow International has years’ of experience with Tenanted Properties Void & Exit Cleans, along with other restoration and cleaning services. With over 65 branches located across the UK, you are guaranteed to find one in your area.

Drafting in a professionally trained team to deal with your void and exit cleans, like Rainbow International, means that you can minimise your voids by cleaning up a property when you need it cleaned. So, if you have a new tenant lined up for the following Monday, we can work through the weekend to get your rental property ready in time.

Our teams are also trained to deal with biohazard and trauma scene cleans so we’ll be able to safely deal with any biohazardous waste and thoroughly remove any biological pathogens that your previous tenants may have left behind without having to call in additional specialist teams.


If you are looking for specialist cleaners to carry out a void property exit clean, get in contact with our professionals today.

Published: 23 Oct 2020