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7 Ways We Can Eliminate Airborne Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities

7 Ways We Can Eliminate Airborne Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities

Sanitising hospitals, GP surgeries and clinics is much more complex than cleaning a house or an office building. Airborne pathogens can pose a serious risk to health, and require delicate handling.

Maintaining the health and safety of such environments requires a professional standard of cleaning. Rainbow’s advanced technology systems offer a comprehensive solution to eradicate these problems, providing effective viral and bacterial control across the whole healthcare industry.

What are airborne pathogens?

Airborne pathogens are microbial droplets containing a virus or bacteria that are expelled from an infected person during activities such as sneezing, coughing or talking. These droplets are then inhaled by another individual, which then leads to infection, thus fuelling the cycle.

Symptoms of an airborne virus or disease often include sneezing, coughing and a runny nose. These symptoms facilitate the transfer and survival rate of the bacteria or virus, increasing the rate of spread and prevalence in society.

Woman sneezing airborne pathogens.

Diseases that are spread through other methods such as physical contact, are easier to isolate and control due to the nature of their transmission.

As evidenced by outbreak of COVID-19 and even the prevalence of the common cold, effectively managing a population of people infected by a contagious disease or virus is a difficult task. This highlights the necessity to protect those who are immunocompromised, and are more likely to face serious complications and side effects.

What can we do to protect those staying or living in healthcare facilities?

While not all germs or bacteria are harmful, certain situations, such as environments with higher vulnerability to illness or populations with a compromised immune system (e.g. hospitals or care homes) require thorough cleaning measures.

The wisest course of action is to assign the responsibility of adequate sanitisation of healthcare environments to the professionals, who have the necessary experience to ensure effective results. With over 3 decades of experience in the sector, Rainbow Restoration can be relied upon to consistently execute a thorough and meticulous cleaning process on every occasion.

Discover how our highly trained biohazard cleaning teams can effectively eliminate all airborne pathogens and bacteria, safeguarding your patients and employees from the risk of infection…

How Rainbow Can Eliminate Airborne Pathogens

  1. Our approach includes air Management, wet fogging, steam cleaning and advanced odour control systems, which can eliminate up to 99.9% of airborne pathogens. We also employ surface antimicrobial products designed for use on all surfaces and high touch areas such as door handles, telephones, desktops, computers and more.
  2. We utilise steam cleaning and controlled off-site ozone chambers to perform thorough deep cleaning as needed in public, or private areas that may be subject to microbiological attack.
  3. Maintaining cleanliness and preventing the accumulation of and germs is important, particularly in the healthcare industry. Our hard floor cleaning or office carpet and upholstery cleaning services effectively ensures the containment of germs and dirt, contributing to a hygienic environment.
  4. Regular duct cleaning is vital to maintain clear air through your ducting systems, but also to ensure efficient use of ducting and air management systems to avoid the spread of contaminated air particles. Specialist cleaning not only enhances the efficiency and lifespan of your ducting equipment, but also guarantees effective viral and bacterial control.
  5. GP surgeries and hospitals often have hard-to-access areas that need thorough cleaning on a regular basis. Your local branch can arrange reach and pole window cleaning, which efficiently addresses the cleaning of these hard-to-reach windows.
  6. Decontaminating areas contaminated with bio-hazardous material can be complicated, but we have the full range of equipment and expertise that enables us to decontaminate trauma scenes and safely remove and manage bio-hazardous materials.
  7. In addition to laundry and dry cleaning services, we also have Ozone treatments for sterilising all types of material.

You can read more about how our services have helped our customers in our biohazard removal services case study.

With just one call to Rainbow, you can arrange a wide range of cleaning services. With 50 branches spanning across the UK, you are sure to find a branch within just 23 miles of your postcode.

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Updated: 25/08/23

Published: 29 Aug 2023