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Do Ducts Really Need Cleaning?

Do Ducts Really Need Cleaning?

Although ducts do not necessarily require a routine clean, it is still important they get the attention every now and again, to ensure both the health of the air ducts and the health of the occupants. There are a few signs you need to keep your eyes (and nose) open for, that give you a good idea of whether or not your air ducts are in need of a thorough cleaning. Here are 4 of our top indications that your ducts need cleaning:

1. Dust

When you switch on your AC system and dust comes out there is a good chance your air ducts need cleaning, as this isn’t something that should happen.

If your AC system kicks back more dust than usual then this is certainly a key indicator that it’s time for your air ducts to have a deep clean. For those with (or without) allergies, dust can be a nightmare, and it isn’t something you want to be breathing in all the time.

2. Odour

If there is a strange odour in the building that you can’t quite put your finger on, no matter how much your search around for it, chances are it’s in the air ducts and being filtered through the AC system.

Odour isn’t so much a health risk, but more of an inconvenience that you don’t wish to stick around for longer than it has to, which is why odour control is important.

3. Mould or Mildew

If grey/black/brown mould or mildew is growing around the AC system, could indicate a more severe problem within the air ducts, and should be cleaned as soon as you can get it done, as this can cause health complications for anyone within the building.

Mould and mildew is a nuisance, especially when it is somewhere you cannot reach to clean, at least not without the assistance of a mould removal expert.

4. Decline in Health

All of the previous indications that your ducts may need cleaning can contribute to ill health, and if left for too long, may do serious permanent damage to your lungs. Anything from excessive coughing, wheezing, sneezing, to feeling fatigued or mentally foggy are potential signs that there is debris and toxins in your air ducts.

Decline in health is one of the more serious indications, and hopefully, you catch the other signs before this one, however, for peace of mind, and to avoid any health problems, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) suggests cleaning your ducts every three to five years.

If you pay close attention to your AC system and notice any of the 4 indications above, get in contact with one of our duct cleaning experts today to discuss your requirements. If you are interested in the service feel free to read through the duct cleaning page on our site!

Published: 24 Jul 2020